Organizing fabrics and yarns.

I need to organize my studio and keep in order  my fabrics and yarns. I was thinking to something like a  book or tags and I found on Pinterest some great ideas I pinned in my Creative Space  board

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This book is fantastic. I found it on and it provides the printable template to get organized.

This beautiful catalogue is from It was thought for natural dyeing but it's a perfect idea for yarns.  


  1. Great organizing ideas, but would only work if you don't have hundreds and hundreds of fabrics (like we have lol). It does look very cool :D

  2. Well. organizing is my nightmare, thanks for these great ideas!

  3. That's great ideas! i would love to do this but never found the courage! ;-)
    thanks for sharing so many ideas on Pinterest! ;-)

  4. Looks like good ideas! Organizing is always hard.

  5. I think to pick up the pieces of tissue. For doll dress it will be enough)))

  6. Interesting to make an inventory book about what you own, although I'd be too lazy to do that :D


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