The pocket square

A pocket square, also called handkerchief or hankie is a square of fabric worn in the breast pocket of a suit or blazer as a fashion accessory.
The pocket square should compliment the rest of your outfit and not matching the tie or the shirt.
This rule is for solid colors but also for patterns.
If you wear stripes, the pocket square must have larger or smaller stripes. Same for polka dots or checks. 

Some examples:

Source photo

In these two last images there are my new pocket squares. They are double sided: one side solid eggplant and the other side  glen check pattern with a beautiful faded effect.
You can wear them on the solid side or in the patterned side.
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  1. Your new Pocket squares looks so neat and pretty! Love how they will add That stylish element to a men's suit.

  2. Love the pattern, very elegant photos. And thanks for your tips how to wear.

  3. An accessory I associate with real gentlemen :)

  4. How clever with two different sides! That way you can vary the look!

  5. I didn't know anything about pocket squares, now I want to read more!

  6. As a complete unfashionable girl, I must say that those breast pockets are really weird.
    But I like the color combo and I love checkered patterns :D


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