I love tweed

Tweed makes me think to autumn and countryside.
Il tweed mi fa pensare all'autunno e alla campagna.

Italian countryside.
La campagna italiana.
Photo source: Jose Villa

New kilt brooch made from tweed. Perfect to hold your scarf or shawl. 
Nuove spille kilt in tweed. Perfette da usare con la vostra sciarpa o scialle.
They are here.
Sono qui


  1. I love tweed too... and it makes me think of Giles in Buffy ;)

  2. mee tooo! I love tweed! I've been dreaming about a lovely tweed satchel and a tweed dufflecoat for ages :) not that I'd need them (that's why I don't have any) but yup love them.

  3. Love your new pins! Tweed is one of those timeless things that keep staying cool :)

  4. I suddenly feel like I should get a Scottish Kilt and drink tea :-)...


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