Moodboard #6

Men's lapel pins knot shaped look great also on a blazer for women.
Le boutonniere da uomo a forma di nodo stanno benissimo anche su un blazer da donna.

New colors for Fall 2015 are coming this week. Stay tuned!
Questa settimana vedrete tutti i nuovi colori per l'autunno 2015.

Pictures are from my Pinterest boards.
Source pictures:
leaves: Daniel Smith
pebbles: Chris Court


  1. Very Fall/ Winter-y very hard for me to imagine for now, but love the color combo and the collage!

  2. Hehheh, that's nearly the only colours in my wardrobe, black, grey, white and blood red.
    Have some blue too for jeans, and that's about it. I'm good for winter!

  3. Gorgeous colors but I am really not ready for fall at all...and even less winter...

  4. Beautiful deep red! It's perfect for this fall!

  5. QAmazing board! In love with grey and bordo colors!!!!!


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